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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuckerton, New Jersey October 2010

OHHH ... to go from Cape Cod to New Jersey in one day is nuts, but to top it all off, we had to go THROUGH New York City in the RV towing a car. Vic and Lexie did great. Me, not so much. It was just insane, but we finally arrived safely at Turtle Run Campground in Tuckerton, NJ. This campground is hands down Vic's favorite of the trip so far. It was just a small family run campground (with Passport America rates) but the people were so nice. Lexie made friends quickly. It was nice to be in a campground that had kids at all. We haven't seen many since school started.

Our first day Lexie wanted to see the "Jersey Shore" so we headed out. She didn't see any "stars" but did see the beach avenue and the ice cream parlor. Any maybe a water tower. I really don't know as I have never seen an episode of Jersey Shore. Again, I love traveling off season. The beaches were empty except for a few local fisherman and pets were allowed on the beach. Moe had a great time chasing the birds' shadows. Not the birds themselves, but he chases them to make them fly and then chases the shadows. He needed some good off leash running and he sure got it. The beaches are gorgeous but I don't think I would want to be there in the summer.

We decided, after weeks of nature, to take Lexie to see the lights of Atlantic City, and she loved it. She was just in awe at all the sky scrapers and neon. We took her into the Trump Towers Casino and she was able to see all the shops and restaurants and even the gambling floor (from the balcony above). I did explain that all the lights and glitz are payed for by the gamblers below. She wasn't as interested in the gambling at all, but the giant candy pillar certainly grabbed her attention.

Of course, since there were stairs in the parking garage and no sign that said she couldn't .... she climbed the ladder to the top. I grabbed her picture quick and told her to get down before we got arrested !! It was a fun evening all in all, and the police never came.

We spent a day or two relaxing and then decided to break away and try something new. So we put Moe in a kennel, left the Motorhome behind and headed to New York City !!!

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